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Smiley Natalie Portman in Alexander McQueen Sunnies

29 Oct

Have you always been envious of Natalie Portman’s natural beauty? No surprise here—so have we. Even when she shaved her head for her role in V for Vendetta, Natalie stunned fans with her radiant smile and glowing skin.

Now, with new movie roles in her future and a head full of luscious locks, the petite A-lister was spotted strolling down the street looking as chic as ever. Wearing a short navy trench coat over an adorable polka dot dress, Natalie smiled for the cameras in a glamorous pair of Alexander McQueen model AMQ 4156/S shades.

Natalie Portman in AMQ4156s

Natalie Portman is wearing Alexander McQueen sunglasses, model AMQ 4156/S (Image Credit: Actionpress Olycom)


Fa-BOO-lously Framed Halloween Costumes

28 Oct

The countdown is on: only one more day until the Halloween weekend is upon us. If you’re still scrambling for a spooktacular costume idea, look no further! We have the trendiest costume ideas with easy-to-follow tips at your disposal.

Harry Potter
If you’re anything like us, you’ve been swept up in the wizarding world of Harry Potter since its U.S. release over a decade ago. With Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows set to release November 19, now is the best time to pick up your wand, throw on your Hogwarts robes and hop on your Firebolt broomstick. Draw a lightning bolt scar on your forehead and don’t forget Harry’s signature specs—we recommend this wizard-chic frame from the GANT Rugger Collection.

GANT Rugger (Rumsey)

GANT Rugger (Rumsey)

The Situation
We have no doubt that there will be plenty of Mike “The Situation” Sorrentinos from MTV’s smash hit, Jersey Shore, GTL-ing this Halloween. Prep for a night of fist pumping with a super-bronzed spray tan, slicked back hair and for “T-Shirt Time,” wear an Ed Hardy tee. Wink at the ladies from behind a pair of plastic, flat-top Tommy Bahama aviators, and you’ll have the whole club beating that beat up.

Tommy Bahama (TB536)

Tommy Bahama (TB536)

Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga is known for her eclectic wardrobe and firecracker personality, which is probably why fans cherish the opportunity to emulate her style. While we don’t recommend you parade around in a meat dress, we do think that MYKITA’s “Yuri” sunwear line will make the Gaga-statement you’re looking for. Complete the look with ripped fishnets, plether booty shorts and a snug, fireman red shirt.



Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian, our favorite reality star, is the ideal costume for the girly-girls out there. Our tip: accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Kim is always paparazzi ready in her oversized sunnies. Try a dramatic pair of shades, like these Bottega Veneta’s , with a low-swopping Kentucky Derby hat, killer 6-inch heels, decorated belt and flashy designer handbag. Don’t forget to smile for the camera!

Bottega Veneta (BV144)

Bottega Veneta (BV144)

An oldie but goodie is Maverick, a young, and seriously smokin’, fighter pilot played by Tom Cruise in Top Gun. Guys, the girls will absolutely drool over you in this getup. What you need: a vintage fighter pilot jacket, backpack or side camo bag, watch and classic aviators—we suggest this classic Nautica frame. Even if you don’t win the costume contest, you’re sure to get a few new lady friends dressed as this badass pilot.

Nautica (N5055)

Nautica (N5055)

Try Artsy Laser Cuts from Harve Benard

27 Oct

Three new optical models have been added to the Harve Benard collection this fall. The frames vary in design but share similar elements to unify the line, including rectangular lenses, simple fronts and intricate temple designs. The detailed temples are sure to draw attention to your eyes and face and accentuate delicate features.

HB 593

This rimless metal frame features long, swooping carved metal temples that give it a smooth and sleek feel. The popping shade of royal blue will highlight your eyes, but is also available in black and brown for a more toned down look. Ladies, these frames are smart and catchy and will go great with your business wardrobe.

Harve Benard HB593

Harve Benard (HB593)

HB 590

Fit for the guys or the girls, this unisex frame has temples with stainless steel laser cuts, giving these frames an artsy appeal. These innovative and intelligent frames will have you feeling confident and stylish in no time and are also available in black and brown.

Harve Benard (HB590)

Harve Benard (HB590)

HB 952

This two-toned pair of specs is anything but boring! Angular, leaf-like laser cut temples in this hot shade of pink will have you looking fierce, no doubt about it. If you’re not into pink, don’t worry—these metal frames also come in silver, blue and black.

Harve Benard (HB592)

Harve Benard (HB592)

Famous Faces Getting Shady in Nike Vintage

26 Oct

Steve Smith

New York Giants’ wide receiver Steve Smith helped reenergize his team to rally against the Dallas Cowboys during last night’s Monday Night Football.

Smith had nine catches for 101 yards and a touchdown to help bring the Giants to a 41-35 win over the struggling Cowboys who lost their stud QB, Tony Romo, to a broken left clavicle mid-game. The Giants, now 5-2, lead the NFC East and are looking like top contenders in the post-season.

Smith took a break from the field to dazzle us in these Nike Vintage 76 ski-inspired shades.

Steve Smith

Steve Smith in Nike Vintage 76

Sunnies That Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

25 Oct

Finally, a fabulous collection of sunnies for us crunchy granola girls out there! If you’re not totally on the “Go Green” bandwagon (tisk, tisk), now is a good time to join.

Juicy Couture is unveiling its first ever Choose Green collection of eco-friendly sunglasses. Made from “Green Plastic” and bamboo, the series, featuring three styles, is 55 percent bio-based, reducing global warming emissions. Using renewable resources like Green Plastic, derived from the oil in a castor plant, and bamboo eliminates the need to depend on traditional plastics made from petroleum.

Go pretty in pink in this fun, oval shaped Jasmine frame, with temples and frame fronts made from Green Plastic.

Juicy Couture Choose Green (Jasmine)

Juicy Couture Choose Green (Jasmine)

Or go classic vintage in these sleek, cat-eyed inspired Peony shades with Green Plastic frame fronts and bamboo temples.

Juicy Couture Choose Green (Peony)

Juicy Couture Choose Green (Peony)

Every Choose Green frame is packaged in an organic canvas pouch printed in soy.

Juicy Couture Choose Green canvas pouch

Juicy Couture Choose Green canvas pouch

Spexy Lindsay Lohan Ordered Back to Betty Ford

22 Oct

While Lindsay Lohan’s most recent years may be chronicled by mug shots instead of movie roles, you have to give the girl a break, well, at least in the fashion department. Whether she’s on her way to the courtroom or a photo shoot, Lindsay is always rockin’ a pair of glamorous shades to block out the bright flashes from the shutterbugs.

Trying to maintain what little privacy she has left, Linday Lohan has kept her head down and eyes hidden from the paparazzi during her last two trips to the courthouse.

Today, facing up to 30 days in prison for two failed drug tests, LiLo appeared quiet and hurried wearing a tailored blazer and gold, flat top aviators. Judge Fox took it easy on the popstar and ordered her to continue rehab until January 3. Next time, the judge warned, Lindsay might not get off the hook so easily.

Lindsay Lohan Court

Image Credit: Chris Pizzello, AP (via

At last month’s court appearance, Lindsay looked somber and sophisticated in a pair of vintage-inspired black cat-eye sunnies.

Lindsay Lohan Cat-Eye

Image Credit:

When not ducked away in rehab or locked up in a cell, Lindsay has been frequently snapped by the paps in blacked out lenses—most likely in an attempt to hide the damage from the previous night—which she tends to accompany with a laid back plaid look or a leather-lovin’ rocker-chic ensemble.

Lindsay Lohan Shades

Image Credit: Fame (left) and AKM Images (right) via

We can’t say this child star grew up to be a great role model, but it wouldn’t hurt to follow in Lindsay’s fashionable footsteps, especially when it comes to eyewear.

Feel Pretty Wearing New Styles by Kensie

21 Oct

Kensie’s clothing line and eyewear collection is inspired by one thing: how to make a girl look and feel her best.

Adding eight new optical and four new sun styles into its current collection, Kensie incorporates geometric patterns, muted colors and modern colors to keep the line pretty yet edgy. The fashion-forward designs mixed with warm fall tones makes Kensie’s new frames picture perfect for the everyday girl.

Go traditional with a bold twist in Kensie’s zyl acetate Orchestra specs. These geometric frames feature a cutaway stain glass design and come in delicious colors like black, burgundy and eggplant.

Kensie (Orchestra)

Kensie (Orchestra)

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