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Keep Your Shades in Shape

31 Mar

You should care for your sunglasses like you would any other accessory or piece of jewelry. With some careful handling and maintenance these sunny-day staples can last you through many seasons.

Follow these fool-proof tips to keep your shades in tiptop shape:

  • Always use your eyewear case!  This will avoid frames being sat on, stepped on, or getting damaged from tossing around loosely in your purse. There are great fashionable and trendy options available now so there is no excuse not to accessorize with a case to match not only your eyewear, but even your outfit!
  • Don’t use tissues, toilet paper or especially your clothes to clean your lenses.  This is like machine-washing your dry-clean only!  To avoid scratching your lenses, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and/or cleaning solution.  It’s also important to rinse your lenses when cleaning them. If there is any sand or grit that isn’t rinsed off you could end up rubbing it on the lens and creating scratches.
  • Never leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car.  Excessive heat and cold can cause them to warp. And again, make sure to keep them in their case!
  • Although we all love to do it, using sunglasses as a headband can cause them to scratch and lose their shape.
  • Always have a professional readjust your frames.  If you try to adjust the temples or the nosepiece and don’t really know what you are doing, you could easily cause them to break.
  • If your sunglasses and eyeglasses get oily from a day at the beach, clean them with warm water and a clear dishwashing liquid like Dawn, etc. (just nothing with cream in it).  This cuts grease on your lenses as well as your dishes!

These helpful tips apply to all you spexy people out there who wear eyeglasses too!


Hairstyle Tips for the Fabulously Framed

24 Feb

Putting on a pair of glasses is the ultimate way to showcase your personality and style to the world. As spexy ladies already know, donning a pair of frames instantly changes your look. The good news is that you’ve done the hardest part—you found a frame that’s a perfect fit. The next step is a cinch; just make a few quick adjustments to your hairstyle and your spec-tacular look will be complete.

Whether you’re fresh on the eyewear scene or a seasoned guru, these tips offer simple solutions to the most commonly faced issues when choosing the most flattering hairstyle for your glasses:

Large Frames
Large eyeglasses can easily take center stage if they’re not accompanied by the proper hairstyle. Your best bet is to pump up the volume, starting with your roots, and keep your hair long and layered. If your hair falls flat and straight, you run the risk of your eyeglasses overshadowing your beautiful face.

Small Frames
Petite facial features look best in smaller frames, but if your look lacks the right hairstyle, the result can be boring. While small frames can appear more demure, you can still show them off with hot new hair. Try sporting a short-cropped, wavy haircut that will open up your face. Steer clear from harsh, chin-length bobs which can make your face appear smaller.

Wide Frames
While wide frames can be statement makers, you want to make sure the overall statement you’re making is a good one. If your hair has too much volume on the sides then your face will appear wider. Instead, focus on making sure your ‘do does just the opposite and go for length by adding a little volume at the top followed by chunky, textured bangs and luscious, straight locks.

Sunnies are red, specs are pink, eyewear really is the best gift don’t you think?

9 Feb

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we know you’re probably twiddling your thumbs trying to conjure up a creative gift for your significant other. Candy hearts, chocolates, teddy bears and flowers are great, but it’s time to stray away from the norm and get that special someone in your life a thoughtful surprise that they will remember and actually use, like a pair of hot new shades or specs.

Eyewear is a gift that can be worn year round and what’s better is that there’s no such thing as having too many pairs. No matter who is on Cupid’s shopping list, we guarantee that they’ll instantly fall in love once they set their eyes on one of our Valentine themed suggestions.

If you’re worried that you won’t be able to pick out the right frame for your loved one, feel free to freshen up on eyewear tips by perusing our previous blog posts about how to flatter certain facial features or what frames work with different face shapes.

Make your Valentine swoon with one of these pretty in pink or fiery red frames and you just might get a sugary sweet kiss in return.


Tod's Eyewear (TO0030) by Marcolin; Lacoste (L612S) by Marchon Eyewear; DKNY (DY4071) by Luxottica; Brendel (901002) by Tura; bebe (BB7008) by Altair Eyewear; Marc by Marc Jacobs (MMJ 476) by Safilo Group; Face a Face (Garbo) by Face a Face; BCBG (Velia) by ClearVision Optical

New Year, New You

5 Jan

Making New Year’s resolutions is a die-hard tradition that just about everyone participates in. It’s a fresh start; a time when we can reevaluate our lives and make positive changes—you know, like eat less, go to the gym, save more money, get better grades, move up the corporate ladder, yada yada. All are great attainable goals, but they require hard work. How about this year you switch things up? In addition to all of your ambitious, life changing resolutions, we recommend revamping your style with a collection of fresh sunnies and specs. It’s easy, fun and you’ll see instant results.

Here are some things to bear in mind as you accessorize your peepers this year:

Be a trendsetter.
Don’t skip a beat when it comes to being on top of the fashion circuit. Ladies, look for cat-eyes, squovals (squared ovals) or geometric shapes in berry, tortoise or neutral tones with tough metal accents or bold browlines. Guys, look for round, shield, aviator or Clubmaster-inspired shapes in blue, two-tone or neutral colors with hot details like keyhole bridges, floating or wood effects.

Follow the face shape rules.
To look your best, make sure to contrast face shape with frame shape. If you have an angular face, go with rounded frames; and if you have a curvy face, choose angular frames. For more specifics, check out our previous post on finding the right frame for your face.

Know your colors.
Certain skin and hair colors look best when paired with complementary shades and specs. If you have cool skin tones, opt for silver, light pink, blue or taupe colors. On the other end of the spectrum, if you have warm skin tones, try gold, red, dark brown and beige colors.

Invest in multiple pairs.
One pair of shoes would never cut it, so why settle for just one pair of glasses or shades? As something you will most likely wear everyday—on the most prominent part of your body, your face!—it’s important to have multiple pairs to match your different outfits and different moods.

Your Winter Wonderland Guide to Spec-tacular Gifts

8 Dec

Everyone has that moment where they want to pull out their hair and scream when they just can’t think of the right gift for those elusive folks on their holiday list. Fear not, we have just what you need; eyewear happens to be the perfect gift, even for the picky ones. Without further ado, here’s your map to a spectacular holiday season of gift giving:

Tech Fiends
There are some tech-tastic options for your pals that crave the latest and greatest gadgets. Music lovers will swoon over Oakley’s Split THUMP sunglasses featuring a built-in MP3 player and your party animal bestie will shine in Converse Glow-In-The-Dark sunnies by REM Eyewear. 3D frames are a must for movie buffs, so grab ck Calvin Klein 3D shades (these also double as sunglasses) by Marchon Eyewear or scoop up Foster Grant LightSpecs by FGXI (readers complete with a flashlight) for the late-night bookworm in your life.

Accessory Junkies
Accessories are a girl’s best friend so get that special someone something fun to tote their glasses in for the New Year. Hilco’s giraffe-print Nairobi cases and Astucci’s Lulucci Bubble Wristlets are fun and flirty. Chains and pendants are also great ways to spruce up an outfit—try this fun, geometric Plantain chain from Cinzia Designs or this feathered été Flamingo pendant by Optylux Group.

Go Green Fanatics
Surprise your favorite tree hugger with eco-friendly frames. Explore options like Juicy Couture’s Choose Green collection by Safilo Group, featuring “green plastic” and bamboo; or rimless Barbara Creations ECOshades made from bamboo and “green metal.” Optic Nerve’s Forsee shades are made without petroleum-based products and Zoom Eco-Friendly readers by Zoom Eyeworks are made from reclaimed plastic.

Fashionable Femmes and Dapper Dudes
If your man is in need of new specs or shades, you can’t go wrong with these geek chic Lafont specs or these sleek and trendy Guess aviators by Viva International Group. Thrill your lady by surprising her with Prada’s new line of customizable sunglasses, PrivatePrada by Luxottica. Or if she prefers the retro look, make her day with this smoldering Face a Face cat-eye.

Baby Boomer Book Lovers
While they might not like to admit it, your parents might not be able to read the newspaper like they used to. Show them that reading the fine print doesn’t have to be so hard with these svelte, semi-rimless Magnivision readers by FGXI or dazzling, jewel-encrusted Personal Optics frames by StyleMark. Lilly Pulitzer’s sun readers by Kenmark Group or Costa Del Mar’s C-Mates are perfect for those who like to read a few chapters while basking in the sun.

Outdoor Enthusiasts
The athletically inclined are always looking for the perfect sunglasses to fit their action packed life. Great picks include Liberty Sport’s Chopper 2 which utilizes removable MagTraxion eyecup technology and Wiley X’s Active Series Lantern frames that feature rubberized temples and nose piece, so they won’t slip off. For hikers and explorers, choose Cocoon Clip-Ons by Live Eyewear or Easy Clip lenses by Aspex Eyewear which snap right onto optical frames.

Makeup Tips for Spexy Ladies

7 Dec

Some ladies shy away from glasses and opt for contacts because they think they can’t show off their beautiful peepers from behind their lenses. It’s time to throw out that skewed ideology – it only takes a little help from your beloved cosmetic collection to complete a flawless look.

Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll be looking like a movie star in no time:

  • Apply makeup to your entire face. Don’t ignore the lips or cheeks or else the look will be imbalanced.
  • Use a cream concealer and set with powder to disguise any under-eye circles or darkness.
  • Eyebrows should be well groomed (tweeze when necessary!), shaped properly and softly defined; fill in obvious gaps with brow powder applied with a stiff angled brush.
  • When wearing oversized specs, apply blush on your cheekbones so it can be seen through the lenses.
  • Don’t extend eye shadow past your eyelids and try not to use more than two colors.
  • Eye makeup and frames should not compete; the bolder the frame, the less eye makeup you need and vice versa.
  • If you’re nearsighted, keep eyes from appearing too small by using deep colored eye shadow and dark eyeliner on your top and lower eyelids.
  • Curl eyelashes and apply a couple coats of mascara and your eyes will open right up.
  • If you’re farsighted, keep eyes from appearing too large by dusting a neutral shadow on eyelids and applying minimal eyeliner in a soft tone.
  • Use a cream-based shadow instead of powder so it won’t flake onto your lenses.

Get Behind the Wheel in Style

24 Nov

With the busiest travel weekend just days away, we imagine that you’re one of many who are packing up your loosest pants in preparation to visit family and friends for a Thanksgiving feast. If you want to avoid the long security lines and potential TSA pat-downs at the airport, you’re probably hitting the road instead of flying. While you sit in traffic with your favorite road trip tunes blaring, don’t forget to protect your peepers from the sunny (or snowy) glare bouncing back at you.

Some drivers think their car’s visor or windshield will help block out the pesky sun—so false! Your eyes will still be straining to see the road in addition to absorbing harmful UV rays. Since the roads will be extra busy this time of year, it’s imperative that you’re able to see and judge your surroundings clearly.

The most effective lenses for driving feature photochromic or polarized lenses that adapt to different brightness levels and maximize visibility in low light or foggy conditions. Yellow, red and gray tints decrease distortion, whereas copper shades heighten contrast. The result: Highway lines and traffic signals appear clearer, enhancing your reaction time behind the wheel.

There are plenty of fashion-forward frames that will keep you looking good and driving safe.

Ladies, you can still be a driving diva in one of these fun and flirty frames:

Guys, impress your fellow passengers with your sense of style in one of these sleek and sporty shades:

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