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Keep Your Shades in Shape

31 Mar

You should care for your sunglasses like you would any other accessory or piece of jewelry. With some careful handling and maintenance these sunny-day staples can last you through many seasons.

Follow these fool-proof tips to keep your shades in tiptop shape:

  • Always use your eyewear case!  This will avoid frames being sat on, stepped on, or getting damaged from tossing around loosely in your purse. There are great fashionable and trendy options available now so there is no excuse not to accessorize with a case to match not only your eyewear, but even your outfit!
  • Don’t use tissues, toilet paper or especially your clothes to clean your lenses.  This is like machine-washing your dry-clean only!  To avoid scratching your lenses, use a microfiber cleaning cloth and/or cleaning solution.  It’s also important to rinse your lenses when cleaning them. If there is any sand or grit that isn’t rinsed off you could end up rubbing it on the lens and creating scratches.
  • Never leave your glasses on the dashboard of your car.  Excessive heat and cold can cause them to warp. And again, make sure to keep them in their case!
  • Although we all love to do it, using sunglasses as a headband can cause them to scratch and lose their shape.
  • Always have a professional readjust your frames.  If you try to adjust the temples or the nosepiece and don’t really know what you are doing, you could easily cause them to break.
  • If your sunglasses and eyeglasses get oily from a day at the beach, clean them with warm water and a clear dishwashing liquid like Dawn, etc. (just nothing with cream in it).  This cuts grease on your lenses as well as your dishes!

These helpful tips apply to all you spexy people out there who wear eyeglasses too!


Don’t Sweat the Fine Print

11 Nov

At some point in life, we will all find ourselves struggling to read the exclusions listed in tiny size six font at the bottom of our Macy’s coupons. Most of us dread the idea of having to buy reading glasses that remind us of our grannies, and instead, strain our eyes and squint to read the fine print.

Luckily, times are changing and readers are no longer ugly, magnifying apparatuses that need to be hidden in bedside tables. So it’s time to swallow your pride, stop squinting—no need to give crows feet more reason to invade the precious skin around your peepers—and get yourself a stylish pair of readers.

To make it a little easier for you, we’ve broken down the latest trends:


Shapes can make or break your style. This season, look for retro cat-eye and browline frames or chic aviator sun readers.


Fall is often synonymous with warm, nature-inspired colors. Get on track this season in luscious vegetal tones, tortoise and color blocking.


We all love details that make an otherwise generic design transform into a quintessential fashion statement. This season get barely there effects with rimless and semi-rimless frames or eye-catching embellishments and metallic details.

These rich colors, fun shapes and and eye-catching details are sure to wipe away any lingering readers blues you may have. And now that you’re jazzed to get some new readers it’s time to accessorize!

Spice up your eyewear collection by incorporating sassy animal prints, bold colors and tribal influences in your cases and eyewear chains.


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